الأحد، سبتمبر ١٠، ٢٠٠٦

Egyptian Christians Spend NIght in Prayer

In about two hours time (at 7:00pm in Cairo on Saturday 09/09/06), Egyptian Christians of all denominations will gather in the Cathedral of St Mark the Apostle in Al Abbasseya. They plan to spend the night in prayer to ask the Lord for strength and justice. This gesture is also intended to convey a message to the Egyptian authorities: We've had enough! They are asking for justice for all...regardless of faith...justice for all Egyptians.

The great thing about this gathering, apart from the fact that we are finally speaking up more and more, is the unity demonstrated by the joining of Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant Christians.

Being so far away, I can only pray with them from out here in Australia...the physical distance shortened by our bond in Christ. So please join us in prayer that the injustice experienced by so many of our fellow Egyptians would come to an end.

God willing, I'll keep you updated with any further news on this.