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A Request to all Passers By...

No matter who you are
or where you come from

No matter who you think is in the right
and who is in the wrong

If you go to mass
or keep the Sabbath
or look to Mecca when you pray

Or if you don't believe in anything

Please join in a prayer...

For the innocent lives living the horror we are lucky to only watch on our TV sets
For the children who are losing their mothers and fathers
For the children losing their own innocent lives

For the injured that they may heal
For the dead that God may rest their souls

For the angry that they find peace

For the confused that they may find their way

For the leaders that they may find wisdom

For Lebanon that it doesn't live through another war...God knows the last one did enough damage.

For the Holy land that it soaks no more blood

And for the world to remember our past mistakes....and not to repeat them.

The events of the past week have been horrific to say the least. True they may be happening "over there"...miles and miles away from most of us. But what kind of world are we leaving to our children if we simply just turn off the TV and forget about it?

Forgive my bias but I'm going to let the Lord have the last word here:

ليضيء على الجالسين في الظلمة وظلال الموت لكي يهدي اقدامنا في طريق السلام.
لو 1: 79

To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.
Luke 1:79


Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Bent el neel : can you email me at Osaidr1@yahoio.com ? I wana discuss something with you


يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Law Student said...


يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Desmond said...

Bent el neel: I'm asking for your permision to copy this beautiful, beautiful solemn prayer so I might post it on my blog and let my friends and relatives have the chance to read and pray it too.

God bless.

يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

There you are!!! I've been looking for your other comment all morning :)
Anyway, glad to find you finally. Of course you can copy the prayer...They are words my heart offered to God and so I don't consider them "mine" as much they are His.

Welcome once again Desmond. Take care

يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Anonymous Muslim in the Land of Allah said...

Neferteeti, Peter, Cminor, Xavier and all other respectable visitors of Neferteeti’s blog …

I apologize that I haven’t been able to carry on the discussion started on Bent’s post of “My Moment of Selfish Gratitude” in concern with the possible solutions for the Christian Copts to over come the oppression they are facing in their country Egypt, as I was taken with the events happening in Lebanon, trying to get the REAL picture and I was horrified to receive the following link from one of my friends :
I apologize again if the link includes unbearable scenes, but that is the REALITY even if we can’t bear seeing it !!!

May Allah almighty, the Merciful have mercy on the souls of the innocent killed civilians of children, women, men, old and youth of Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia, Afghanistan … etc. etc. etc. ……….

May Allah almighty, the all Powerful, the Avenger, the most Wise, the Just give us all the patience to pass through this catastrophic era in which Man kills Man in the capacity of daily routine to the extent that number, gender and age don’t count anymore.

May Allah almighty, the Forgiver, forgives us and all those who had something in hand to do to stop the massacre and the masquerade, but didn’t do anything either out of ignorance, helplessness, deliberation, bias, personal interest or any other reason, and gives us guidance and enlightenment to do what we can, if we can.

My dear dear dear Christian Copt friends; free, independent and in all other Lands of Allah, the current events answered the question; if your houses are not destroyed in a measured bombing, if your children don’t receive messages from others to which they become speechless for ever, and if your women, fathers and mothers are safe after all, then your gains and chances in life is much much better than a lot of those whom we all know about or hopefully we all know about!

My condolences to all the Jews, Christians and Muslims whose families are in Lebanon and died the last three days, same in all other countries exposed to measured killing … my condolences to humankind for the death of humanity!

“Do they not think that they will be called to account? On a Mighty Day; A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds? [Quran chapter 83:4,5,6 ]

يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Anonymous Muslim in the Land of Allah said...

Dear all,

Received this one and wanted to share with you on Neferteeti's Post here ...


Dear all:

Lebanon is in danger, civilians are being killed.

many Lebanese people are organizing protests against the attacks, in many cities in the world the media is not reflecting the tragedy that is going on there, check :


find the details of these protest activities, and spread the message(careful, some images might be brutal for some readers, but IT IS REALITY)

Stand up for Lebanon.

stop being silent, we are all involved.


يوليو ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger kareem said...

hi bent el neel ...
for a long time , i miss you and your comments in my blog , but i remember your later so i tried to contact you again ..
i wish you are well ..
and i look forward to hear from you .
yours : kareem

يوليو ٢٠, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Thanks Neferteeti for this beautiful post.

But what kind of world are we leaving to our children if we simply just turn off the TV and forget about it?

It's a forest not a world.

يوليو ٢٠, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger iaintlying said...

Amen. my spirit stands in agreement with yours

أغسطس ٠٣, ٢٠٠٦  

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