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What They're Saying About It

Al Arabiya.net is one of the more perverse, seedy tabloid type news sources in the Arab world. It's the internet companion to a satellite channel by the same name. Most of its content involves some deviant sexual relationship, reports of rape, domestic violence and extra marital relationships. Another favorite issue of theirs is Christianity and Islam. Then there's a lot of padding with political and sports news, in order to give the impression of a respected news source.

One of the site's features is the readers' comments on articles. If you can read Arabic and would like a good laugh I recommend you browse some comments (although some are in English, but they are very few). However, I must warn you, some comments may offend you if you value things like human rights, religious freedom and peaceful co existence. Just remember: the poor dears are only practicing what they are taught.

funnily enough, AlArabiya reported the attack on Ezzbat Wassif's Coptic community

And as usual, there's the many readers comments at the bottom of the page. In the interest of fairness, many readers actually had something intelligent and balanced to say. There are however those who are fine examples of utter ignorance, and advanced cases of "Oh-dear-I'm-so-stupid-I-dunno-how-I'm-still-functioning" syndrome.

Those latter dears seem to hold a couple of ideas so close to their hearts:
1) Islam is superior and so it follows they are superior to everyone else
2) The East is Muslim, the West is Christian/Jewish (or ZioChristian as some have so cleverly called it)
3) Western leaders are constantly preoccupied with causing conflict in the East. They (Western leaders) are the ones orchestrating religious strife in the area
4) All problems in the Islamic world have one cause: ZioChristian world
5) All problems in the Islamic world have one solution: Islam
6) Diaspora Copts MUST be Mossad or CIA agents paid to lie and say Copts are discriminated against.

Now that you know this, may I present some of the most outstanding comments, just to give you an idea on how the average Arab Muslim thinks:
* دين الأخلاق الحميدة
ان الرسول صلى الله عليه وسلم لم يمنع أهل الكتاب من ممارسة شعائرهم الدينية قط فالاسلام دين التسامح ولم يكن الشغب وسيلة لإبداء الرأي بين المسلمين قط. لكن هذا التصرف ممكن ان يقوم به المسلم غيرة على دينه ودفاعاً عنه
by: مسلمة

The religion of good conduct: by a Muslim woman
The prophet never prevented people oft he book from observing their religious customs. Islam is the religion of forgiveness and never was violence a way for Muslims to express an opinion. However, such attacks may be acts of Muslims out of zeal for their faith and in defense of that faith.

Ah very good feedback sandwich there. Start with the positive then slip in the negative...wait where's the second positive? Maybe she doesn't do sandwiches, she's into feedback pizzas.

*اسماعيد عبواحد )
لازم وزير الداخليه و المخبرات الداخليه يعمل فى مثيرى الفتن دووول زى مكان بيتعمل زمان فى اى حد يكلم فى السياسه .... وغير كده اقباط المهجر الى ملهومش سيره الا انهم يدخلو فى شئوننا الداخليه يلموا نفسهم ودوول اول ناس تعمل فتن بيننا .. وياريت حسنى يسكت الحيوان رئسهم ده انشالله بالاغتيال عشان يبقى عبره
Ismael Abdel Wahid:
The minister of interior and secret services must punish anyone who incites these events same as anyone with a political affiliation used to be punished. Also, diaspora Copts who have nothing to do but interfere in our issues should shut up. They are the first to incite religious hatred. I hope Hosni (the president) shuts up their leaders even if he has to have him assassinated..so he can make an example of him

why would we incite religious religious hatred against our own families?? oh sorry I forgot, the Mossad and CIA paying us to do it, blablabla, they just want problems in Egypt blablabla...got it.

هما صح فى كل الاحوال*
عبد الرحمن )
الحكومة عندنا فى مصر ممكن تدوس على رقبة المسلم علشان المسيحى يعيش وعلشان امريكا متقولش ان مصر بتعامل الاقباط بطريقة وحشة وتنقلب عليها فبتالى المسلم هنا حقة ضايع بجد ومش عرفين لغاية متى هنكون كدة
They're always right anyway by Abdul Rahman
Our Egyptian governments easily steps on a Muslim's neck to please the Christians and so Americans don't think we mistreat Copts. As a result, a Muslim has no rights in Egypt and we don't know how long we'll have to suffer like this.

WOW!! Now HE is special...the poor man has completely left our realm.

اتلموا بقى يا أخوه*
مصرى )
انا باقول للاخوه المسيحيين اتلموا بقى بلاش قله ادب وخليكم ماشيين جنب الحيط ما احنا عندنا اصحاب مسيحيين زى الفل ومفيش اى تعصب بلاش استفزاز للمسلمين المسلميين مبيعملوش حاجه من فراغ اكيد حد استفزهم احنا اخوات واكتر من الاخوات بالادب وحسن المعاشره .... هتسخنوا... هيسخن المسلميين وانتوا فى الاخر اللى خسرانين مش كده ولا ايه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ ياريت محدش يزعل ونفضل اخوات .... انا بحب اصحابى المسيحيين كتير قوى وهما كمان بيحبونى بالادب سلام
Watch yourselves by an Egyptian

I say to the Christian brothers, behave and watch yourselves. Keep to yourselves and take a corner (??) We have many good Christian friends who aren't fundamentalists. Stop provoking Muslims, Muslims don't act out of nothing. If You get hotheaded, so will we but at the end, YOU'LL LOSE, don't you agree. I hope nobody gets upset and we remain brothers. I love my Christian friends and they love me...respectfully.

Now see Muslim woman, this guy knows how to do a feedback sandwich. Hang on I have to tremble a bit because his threatening comment scared me. Hurry Copts, bow your heads to your masters OR ELSE!!! but we're all brothers anyway.

* الله أكبر
الله أكبر والنصر للمسلمين باذن الله
God is Great (allahu akbar)
Allahu Akbar and the Muslims will be victorious with His help.

He gets 3 points for effort. The guy must've exhausted his lonely brain cell to come up with this one.

لازم كل واحد يعرف قدره*
على من اسكندرية )
اكيد المشاكل بين المسلمين و المسيحيين زادت الايام الاخيرة فى مصر عشان المسيحيين فى مصر فاكرين انهم بقو ليهم قيمة فى مصر وفاكرين ان امريكا الطاغية ممكن تفرض على المسلمين قيودا عشان المسيحيين يعملو الى هما عاوزينه. نصيحة للمسيحيين ياريت تعرفو قيمتكو و قدركم فى مصر .. خليكو بعيد عن استفزاز المسلمين عشان ما تاخدوش على دماغكو كل مرة و سيبكو من امريكا عشان مش هتنفعكو ولا هتاخدو حقكو بيها. بلاش تحرقو نفسيكو بنفسيكو و خليكو حلوييين احسن ليكو

Everyone should know their worth by Ali from Alexandria

I'm certain problems between Muslims and Christians these days have increased, because Copts are starting to think they're actually worth something in this country. They think the all powerful America can force Muslims so they'll let Christians run rampant. word of advice to Christians: you should learn your worth and know your place in Egypt, leave the Americans out of this because they won't be able to help you or return your rights. You'll just be burning yourselves...better if you behave.

Ali mate; we know our worth and our place... We are COPTS which means EGYPTIANS. That land you stand upon was cultivated by our ancestors. The city in which you live contained the most grand of libraries in the history if humanity...Incidentally it was one of your ancestors who burnt it. No surprises then to hear what you have to say.

And so much more I won't bore you with. But you get the idea. Basically:

1) Its your fault we attacked you
2) It's America/Israel's fault we attacked you
3) Shut up or we'll attack you again, and that'll be your fault too.

Now again, I stress that there were many readers who posted sensible and intelligent comments, and I salute them. But the point is, the ones who just bark without thinking need to be heard too. That's the only way we can learn why they hate us so much...maybe there's a way to educate the ignorant or at least try to raise awareness.


Blogger Copts said...

Great effort, keep up the good work.
And yes you can post the Coptic flag in any way you would like

فبراير ٢٣, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger DavidNic said...

Thank you for posting this. Since I don't read arabic I don't get a chance to see these things.

I also thank you for being clear that there were good people posting too.

It is good to see fair minded comments on a situation. Still, it makes me shudder to see how removed from reality some of these people are.

I pray for the Coptic people daily. Both those in Egypt and those across the world.

فبراير ٢٣, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Thanks Bent! I was wondering where you have been lately. I guess it's been putting together this incredible post. Thanks for translating. It pretty much verrifies what I already knew:

Some good moderate intelligent muslims mixed in with a lot of WACKO'S!! And God help the Copts that are in the true Coptic lands of Egypt, Upper Egypt (kinda like rural America but more backwards). It's unfortunate this deep inherent distrust of Egyptian Copts is taking root. The anti-fanticals need to unite their voices and affect political change. It's the only chance I think.

I think diaspora Copts need to keep doing what they are doing. I think many people are doing an excellent job. They are obviously putting pressure on Egypt if so many people are aware and talking against it. Many of these people are hardly removed from Egypt. Just because they no longer live there does not mean that their voice should not be heard. It's just when they get a chance to express themselves, Egyptians back home don't like what they have to say...which is the TRUTH!!!

Good job on this post.

فبراير ٢٣, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Hi madam,

You love irony so much.

A good word I heared from Mr.Amr Khaled and appealed to me so much was:
"I can't speak about negatives of my country during being out of it"
In contrary,majorty of diaspora Copts are speaking about some side events and ignore the rest good treat and good relationships between Muslims and Copts as public..

Hope that you read my last reply on you on my blog specially the part about Muslim-blog friend

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Copts said...

To Muhammad
It's not bad mouthing Egypt, it's exposing the injustices taking place against our people. And as they say " الساكت عن الظلم شيطان أخرس" meaning it's so evil to keep silent when injustices take place.
وكما قال دانتى
ان قاع جهنم محجوز لأولئك الذين يقفون على الحياد حينما تتعرض القيم للخطر
The bottom of hellfire is held in reserve for those who take a neutral stance when vertues are at risk

، لذا فنحن سنتحدث ونتحدث عما يحدث لأهلنا ولو كره الظالمون

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Egypeter said...

Muhamad -

"I can't speak about negatives of my country during being out of it"

I don't understand that sentence. I think it is so stupid to think that because one doesn't live inside their home country that they do not have the right to criticize it!!

Are you kidding me? Where the hell is the logic in that thinking?

Could it be that the Egyptians living inside Egypt don't like what they hear?? Is that the problem with it?

So please let's not put the blame on the problems of Egypt on the diaspora instead of on the Egypians living inside of Egypt. Find me another country in the wolrd that says that.

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Please see the post titled: مصر ليست وطنا نعيش به و لكنها وطن يعيش فينا

Mohamed: I find it interesting that you are upset about the fact I published those things, and not upset that they were said!!!
PLease see the post above to see my response to you.

God bless all

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Mohamed said...

Yes you're right-copts-that one should speak and critic what happens to his brothers,and I personally speak about what happens to my Muslim brothers in Palastine;but just don't say that it's the majority position..
or if Christians have a bad positioin in Egypt we couldn't see them with Muslims at both governmental and public level.And also couldn't see Botros Ghali,Fo'ad Aziz Ghali,Mosa Sabri,Filib Labib,Sa'ed Sonbol and a lot of famous thinkers and journalists,in their high positions.

Why you-egypeter-refuse the other point of view and insult it(I know that it's as being egypeter not Christian).
Any way,I think that he was meaning the verse which tell you not to talk about a person on being away..it's 49:12 and I think that you also have in Bible in the same meaning.
And good thing that you said Egyptians not Muslims as the responsibility is divided between both of them.

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Thank you for replying Mohamed.
(and I personally speak about what happens to my Muslim brothers in Palastine;but just don't say that it's the majority position..)

Absolutely Mohamed!! I'll be 100% behind you when you speak of innocent lives being lost and innocent people being oppressed. We are all brothers and sisters in humanity and none of us should be oppressed without a voice demanding justice for them.

We have a great example in our Pope Shenouda. He was one of those who stood up to Sadat and said there couldn't be peace as long as Palestinians are being oppressed. Saying that landed him an exile in St Bishoy's monastery, but it earned him the respect of all Egyptians.

And now even with the government's position on normalising realtions with Israel, Pope Shenoda still ex-communiactes Copts who visit Jerusalem, which contains the most Holy of our churches. He does this out of solidarity to the oppressed Palestinian people.

As you see Mohamed, you don't just have to stand up for the rights of your own. You'd be a greater person if you could stand up for the rights of ALL who are oppressed. Just like the Lord Jesus Christ said in Matthew chapter 5 (46-48)

46For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same?

47And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?

48Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

And after all, Copts are your neighbors, colleagues and partners fi al wattan :)

I never claimed all Muslims oppress Copts. Maybe you don't know about these things because you've never seen them. Maybe you find them hard to believe because you are a good person from a good family who never taught you to hate anyone.

But that doesn't mean these things don't happen, and maybe if you and other good people like you acknowledge them, we can all put a stop to them....or at least start!

Peace be with you Mohamed.

فبراير ٢٤, ٢٠٠٦  

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