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Stolen...By Her Teacher

This is the account of Lydia Atef Atta’s kidnapping. Lydia was born 06/11/1978 and she was a student at AlAttar school in Shoubra, Cairo. She disappeared on 14/01/1996.

Her family started a frantic search for her and they found out that her teacher Ashraf Mohammed Ismael had kidnapped her. Then they were told that Al Azhar certified her conversion to Islam on 15/01/96, which is illegal seeing she is a minor. Four days later on 19/01/96 there was a letter issued by Abdel Monem Awadalla, who is a “Mathoun Shar’y” (a Muslim celebrant: certifying marriages and divorces), residing in Midan Alkholoosi in Shoubra (phone number at the time 685742 -). The letter states the following:

I, Abdel Monem Awadalla, Mathoun shar’y at Kholoosi, Shoubra, have certified a marriage contract between Mr Ashraf Mohammad Ismael and Miss Lydia Atef Atta at the Shoubra police station. This is according to the orders of the police station’s Ma’mour, police report number 6321 for 1996, witnessed by moqaddim Wael Ezzat.

Her family demanded that they see their daughter and eventually (miraculously) they were allowed a meeting. Once she saw her family she ran to them and held on to her parents crying and begging them to take her back home. At that, her “husband” started beating her…in full sight of the police surrounding them.


Blogger Egypeter said...

My God - what horror!

What's the conclusion of the story? I'm afraid I know...

Is there no legal recourse that the family can take?

I know these stories aren't that uncommon but c'mon? Have fanatical muslims totally lost their souls? Isn't there ANYTHING they or us can do?

One thing if for sure, keep blogging on these issues to awaken the world to what's happening in Egypt. We need to expose, as much as we can, what the "religion of peace" has been doing to Christians for the last 1400 years.

فبراير ٠١, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Iustus said...

I'm horrified by this.

Is there any factual evidence for this? Is there any physical or material proof for this? Because I'd dearly like to post 'bout this, but I want to be sure it's true.

فبراير ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Hi Iustus
It is indeed horrifying. As for factual evidence, Copts try very hard to gather them as proof of what happens to their daughters and sisters. This account actually contains more evidence than some others, as it lists police report numbers and dates they were issued.

In many cases police report numbers are not available for two main reasons:
Some police members are known to collaborate with the kidnappers, perhaps out of ignorance or the ingrained sentiment that Christians are infidels and if you can convert them then good for you, God gives you sixty points to help you on the way to paradise! So either they issue a report then conveniently lose it, or they refuse to issue one to begin with.

An example of government authorities practicing descrimination against the Copts can be seen in another case (see post titled Blatant Discrimination). We try to get our stories out there with as much evidence as we can. I know it's very difficult for a foreigner to imagine these things happen but unfortunately they are far from uncommon in Egypt. So I urge you to look into these things in other sites or references if you want to be sure and can spare the time. If not and you don't feel comfortable publishing in your blog, it's enough for me that you are now aware of the problem.

فبراير ١٩, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger free soul said...

my friend!! this is really bad what you said and i can't even imagine it!!

but you must make sure of it because on the other side we hear numerous number of stories about copts who convert to islam to get married of someone and their families then declare them kidnapped!!

out of experience, I know a real case for that happened in the work area of a family member and the police returned the copt to her family even while she declared she is a muslim by her own well!!

I believe this issue is starting to be a very sensitive issue, before the christian family invest, they say their daughter was kidnapped and call for the help of the whole world, on the other side such things may be really taking place but due to some individual acts, we don't have a physical records for that

but as a muslim, and i count my self a true muslim, I apologize for you for any problem, I tell you truely that thousands of the orders of my religion orders me to respect and deal well with christians -especially christians- and never hurt them, so if someone did something like the thing you mentioned in your post, he is very much far away from any religion i know!!!

it is aweful to see brothers in the same country have bad thoughts about each others and fear each other like so :(

مارس ٢٢, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

Thank you Free soul. Thank you for your kind manner in discussing issues and expressing your opinion.

I know there may be cases of willing conversions. But there were 5000 reported cases in one year!! How do you explain that 5000 underage girls suddenly left their families and married a Muslim man and converted??

I also know of a Coptic girl (this happened almost 20 years ago) who went to visit her Muslim friend, only to be seen falling from the balcony on the fifth floor hours later. She had sustained horrific injuries that indicated sexual abuse and beating and had some of her hair shaved off. As she died on the street, she said that she prefered to throw herself off the balcony than to surrender her Christian faith. It transpired that her frined set her up and the friend's brother and cousins raped the girl and shaved her hair to force her to obey them and wear the veil. Needless to say, those men were not punished for their crime. That incident happened in the neighborhood where I grew up. I never published it before because I can't remember names or the actual time it happened.

it is aweful to see brothers in the same country have bad thoughts about each others and fear each other like so :(

I know free soul, I agree with you it is awful. I always pray it changes for the better.

مارس ٢٢, ٢٠٠٦  
Blogger free soul said...

bent el neel, all i can tell you is that such a crime is a horrible crime in all religions, especially in islam which makes any abuse to woman a great crime

on the other side, I understand that some sick minds sometimes disturb but what i say is that what most of the cristians do doesn't really help, what really helps is to reach to each other and love each other

you won't take your rights from muslims by threating them, simply because they don't have anything to lose, they already feel helpless with this government and the only way is to work together to find a government that represents us all, without any religious differentiations

understand me, the normal muslims don't care for your problems, simply because they have their problems too, they see you complaign to the whole world while they can't complaign to anyone, don't you think it is time to share the problem and complaign only to each other??

we share the land and until we learn to share life we will keep in this stupid circle of fear

I know your intentions are good but believe me, what you write doesn't really help, it may even harm the left of the relationship we still have and this really hurts me

I am out of blogging starting from now, i just hope i can send a message to someone to build useful ideas not distructive ones

Free Soul

مارس ٣٠, ٢٠٠٦  

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