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D'artagnan's Comment

Hey D'artagnan
Sorry I have to respond in a separate post, but for some reason I can't access any of my old posts!!!

No matter. I just wanted to say a couple of things in response to your comment on my previous post.

It's no problem you posted your comment as "Anonymous", so no need for an apology :)

As for the spelling thing, there really is no reason for my spelling it this way. I wasn't offended that you asked, I was being a smart ass when I replied "why not?"...that's all. Sometimes I make sarcastic comments but I'm not trying to be rude.

Now I have a bit of a problem with something you said:
"...but it ALWAYS seems like the person who introduces him/herself with the statement"i'm a christian and ...." is setting an agenda which allows them to distinguish between us and them."

Let me tell you what I don't like about this statement by giving you some examples:
* ALL Muslims want to blow themselves up
* Irish people ALWAYS eat potatoes
* ALL Italians have fat bellies and huge mustaches
* Gay men ALWAYS wear leather pants
* ALL lesbians look like KD Lang

Do you get what I mean? Sorry if it seems I'm being a smart ass again. But It's too much of a generalisation to make, especially when you don't even know me.

I don't identify myself just as a Christian woman. Being Christian is just one aspect of "me"...To me being Christian is about aspiring to be a better person, about love and forgiveness, about strength of character, will power, and most of all about extending a helping hand to others.

Never has it been on my agenda to claim superior moral ground just because I'm a Christian. Never did I think it was OK to judge someone else just because I'm a Christian. In fact that goes against everything that is Christian to me.

If you can spare a moment, just go through my previous posts briefly (if you can, because I certainly can't at the moment), you will see that I only identify myself as a Christian here, because the main focus of my blog is to shed light on the abuse Christians suffer in Egypt. You will also see that in the post you commented on, I mentioned being Christian because I was responding to Alison's remarks where she raised this point. Otherwise, I don't tend to walk around saying "look at me...Christian coming through...I'm a Christian...Christian in the house!!" (damn it I can't help the smart ass thing...naughty girl) Actually none of my close friends are Christian, my best friends are an Athiest gay, a Hindu and an Agnostic.

Now for the PM. I don't have to justify how I practice my constitutional right to vote to anyone, but sice you asked nicely, I'll tell you how I justified my vote to myself anyway. I voted for him because at the time of the elections his party actually provided me with a clear platform...this was missing in the opposing party (for whom I voted on previous occasions). They just seemed disorganised and had no vision of what they wanted to do. The Liberals had policies, and were organised. I didn't feel I could trust Labor with my vote.

"Might I suggest ,that if you don't have "a christian conscience, but a human conscience" that you move beyond mention of your christian base? It just seems like a neat way to circumvent any personal examination of your actual stance in these moral issues."

Suggestion noted D'artagnan. But with all due respect, I resent the fact you judged how "circumvent" personal examination of my stance. My stance on moral issues is not in question here. I always try to express my thoughts as clearly as I can, and I never said "well that's what I think and you can't question me because I'm Christian!"

Finally I love your chosen blog name. Any reason you chose that one? :)


Blogger DavidNic said...

Hey, this does not have to do with this post, but have you seen this link? http://www.bosnewslife.com/news/1836-egypt-coptic-women-regain-identity-as-country

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