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We're a Nation of Lying Convicts and Our Women are Just Exposed Meat

Yes ladies and gentlemen this what we are according to the person who is considered the spiritual leader of the Muslim community in Australia.

I had just had the displeasure of watching an interview with Sheikh Hilali on the popular Egyptian show "Al Qahira Al Yawm" (Cairo Today). An interview that has been talked about in last night's news, an which my father watched when it aired and taped when he knew the infamous sheikh would be on.

I was watching it and thinking...man I wish i could translate this so I could laugh at him later when they try to weasle him outa this one too. But fortunately The Australian has done my homework for me

Interviewer1: Man was born a man. What differentiates him from the animal is that he can control his behaviour and feelings.

Interviewer2: Controlling one’s behaviour and feelings is proportional, and it cannot be measured. There is a difference between what ‘should be’ and what is ‘reality’. Reality is not having a woman dancing in the street and then we are surprised with cases of harassment. One plus one equals two. Put a flame near petrol and you get a fire.

Interviewer1: So you are saying that the man raped the woman, and the woman is responsible because she was uncovered.

Interviewer2: One, two and three are the woman. The man is number four.

Interviewer1: We go to a commercial break and when we come back we’ll talk about this fatwa and what it caused, and about what the sheikh said about a case where a man had raped a woman, and about the sentencing… we would like to know your opinion.

(commercial break)

Interviewer1: Back to our topic, and proportionality. Say a man entered a bank and saw that a man had left some money in it…

Interviewer2: Left it where?

Interviewer1: At the bank, on a table. He forgot it and left.

Interviewer2: He left it there and went away? If the money is not kept safe, wouldn’t it be subject to getting lost or not?

Interviewer1: As a human being, would I take it?

Interviewer2: A decent human being wouldn’t, but are all humans decent? And, secondly, if the money was safe, then his hand should be cut off. If a man put money on the footpath, we shouldn’t steal. We shouldn’t touch money that is not ours.

Interviewer1: Why do you want to blame the woman? You want to blame the woman more than the man.

Interviewer2: He left his money on the footpath. If a man let his daughter be uncovered and go wearing stretch or a swimsuit infront of men…

Interviewer1: So you are now finding a reason or an excuse for every man that harasses a woman in the street?

Interviewer2: If the woman is not adhering to dress code, then she is giving him an excuse. 15:20


15:58 Interviewer2: I am saying that we do not justify the sin. But we are prioritising the responsibilities, for the viewers to understand. We are not justifying the mistake, but prioritising the responsibilities. What do you think, sheikh?

Hilali: Had I argued this religious point using this logic, Australia would have been devastated, by how they would have understood it.

Interviewer2: How do you evaluate the situation?

Hilali: I have lived in Australia for more than a quarter of a century, and I know the basics of the work of the calling to Islam, and I understand the Western mentality, particularly the Australian one. And I know that the Australian law guarantees freedoms to the point of insanity. We have a third sex, in between. Neither male nor female. It does not belong to masculinity or femininity. And there are churches that conduct marriages between same sex people. At the same time, an Australian Christian sect has evolved that forbids television, radio, mobile phones, university studies… You see to what extent?

Interviewer2: They’re not a Muslim group?

Hilali: No. A Christian group.

Interviewer1: Each religion has its extremists.

Hilali: Still, the reversed standard, is that Mr Howard says, “That’s up to you.” That’s their right of expression, and moreover, they will give them assistance and entitlements of social services…

Interviewer2: I support them in their point of view. The Western society has its own law that it is governed by, and they accepted to host us in it. So we should either coexist with their laws or don’t go there to start with.

Hilali: I was giving advice to my daughters. It is my religious duty to…

Interviewer1: For the Muslim woman inside his mosque, he wasn’t overstepping that.

Interviewer2: Exactly. They are free to live their lives as they want. That’s the right thing to say. We are not assaulting anyone, criminalising anyone or…

Interviewer1: What happened is an overstepping with the fatwa. What you said was that someone was sentenced to jail for rape, and you said that it was no one’s right to…

Hilali: No, I will show you the wrong standards, and the reversed values. They have no democracy and no freedom. They are the biggest liars and the most unjust, the Western peoples, especially the English people. The Anglo-Saxons arrived in Australia in shackles, while we paid for our tickets. We paid for our tickets from our own pockets, and we went there free. So we are more entitled to Australia than them. Australia is not Anglo-Saxon, Islam is deep rooted in Australian soil and it preceded the English arrival there.

Interviewer2: But generalisation is rejected. Generalisation is rejected, you are learned and should know. The West has cultural values and it has advantages…

20:40 Hilali: No doubt. I am talking about… about… about… about their reversed values… I lost my train of thought. About controlling the issues… I was addressing my advice to the Muslim woman, the Australian woman was not meant by it. 19:45

(Telephone caller)

23:23 Interviewer1: Here is an example, a newspaper like The Australian, which seems to be wide circulating, it is honourable to see an Egyptian sheikh appearing in this size on the front page. It is something we are proud of indeed, he is the mufti of Australia…

Interviewer2: This is an example of centrism, which you dream of yourself. The sheikh said that he is an example of centrism… 23:50


26:10 Interviewer1: How’s the situation in Australia as far as you are concerned?

Hilali: Without any exaggeration, I can confirm that this crisis has given the Islamic calling in Australia the greatest push.

Between outrage and indignation...and laughing my little heart out...I was lost to see why the Muslim community of Australia insists on keeping this man as a sort of spiritual leader...or whatever it is that he does!
I am at loss at why he wants to stay here...amongst decendants of convicts and loose women?
Forgot to say...a part that wasn't traslated by the Australian had him talking about the incident where a group of Muslim Lebanese boys raped a young Australian girl...the respectable sheikh said that it no rape! it was in fact a rendezvous and the sex was consentual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am flabbergasted as to how he arrived at the conclusion that Islam is deep rooted in Aussie soil?!?!?!
How is it that the Australian law guarantees freedoms to the point of insanity
They have no democracy and no freedom
Sheikh Hilali: You shame both your countries...Egypt and Australia.
If this country is so unjust and terrible...you have the freedom to leave it to those who appreciate what it offers.


Blogger xavier said...

I'm so unsurprised by his deeply supremicist views that Islam is superior to everything in the universe except for God... and even then. Of course he's going to say that the Moslem have more legitimacy precisely because they're Moslem. They're owed the world on a platter and non-Moslem should be ever so grateful of the former's existence, wisdom, benevolence, etc.

Personally, the Aussie government should expel him and permenantly bann him from coming or having his view propagated by any means into Australia.
We don't to tolerate him

يناير ١٣, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger Nah·det Masr said...

I agree with Xavier; Australia should expel him and his likes and prevent him from ever entring its territory, although, that will mean that he will return to Egypt to spread his venom!

يناير ١٣, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger Amillennialist said...

It is no wonder that the sheikh's comments demonstrate Islam's self-serving, licentious hypocrisy, for whatever served to indulge Mohammed's vile lusts serves Allah).

According to Hilali, if a man finds money "uncovered," he should not touch it on penalty of dismemberment. If, however, a woman is "uncovered" and then raped, she was asking for it.

The same penalty ought to be applied to the Muslim rapist as is administered to the thief: removal of the offending organ.

يناير ١٣, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger Nah·det Masr said...

Nefertity, I followed this story on www.alarabiya.net and it was shown as a big story. The comments on the story were mostly against the Sheikh, saying that he and his likes are causing problems for Moslems all over the world, which is an encouraging sign to see Moslems rejecting this ignorance and bigotry.

يناير ١٤, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger Egypeter said...


This guy makes ZERO sense and his logic is that of a child's!!

Don't you Aussies know that Australia is originally Islamic lands?! LOL. LOL. This guy has the brain size of a small bird.

Kick his ass out of Australia already!!!!!!!!!!!!! But whatever you do don't send him back to Egypt either. Egypt already has about 20 million other Hillaly's, we don't need anymore. Send him to Saudi Arabia or something, I'm sure they'll be receptive to his raving lunacy. Or better yet, send him on the next space shuttle to the moon. Human beings don't need his "religious teachings"

Thanks for the translation Bent el Neel and offering insight into the mind of a total freakin' LUNATIC!

يناير ١٧, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger USpace said...

Great one, it's in, thanks!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
rape is part of their culture

you simply must respect it
no matter how sick or vile

يناير ٢٧, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger iMuslim said...


I was refered here by one of your readers called "coptic chick".

I'm not a resident of Australia (i'm in the UK), nor am i an Arab (i'm 2nd generation Indian), but the Hilali case has been as welcome as a hole in the head for most Muslims.

Under Islamic Sharia, a proven rapist would not have his "offending organ" removed, rather, he'd be imprisoned, or even executed, and the victim would not be harmed.

Are raped women punished in Islam?

Are raped women asked to bring four witnesses?

I don't know all the details of what Hilali did or did not say, but no Imam or 'Mufti' is considered to be infallible. If he makes a mistake, he should be corrected, and if he is an Imam worth his salt, he'd be humble enough to accept criticism and change his ways.

There is a prophecy by our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), that nearer the end of time, knowledge would be taken from the people due to the death of wise scholars. In the end, the people will follow men of ignorance; thus the blind will follow the blind.

When i hear of cases such as Hilali, i begin to wonder whether we are now living in such times.

May God guide us all.

Best wishes,


فبراير ٠٥, ٢٠٠٧  
Anonymous غير معرف said...

i think its normal to find people who have lost their minds anywhere anytime , people got creazy for what ever reason , i think the problem is not about that , perhabs its about such a man is so important that he show's up in TV to express his creazy thoughts , its about that such a man have millions that may well follow his commands , and i think this is the problem , the millions people who beleive in such madness ..

and the problem is that we cant suggest that we just kill them all or through them to the sea , even if they want to do the same to the civilized world , because they are humans , they belog to mankind , and they still have every human rights as humans , their problem is everyman problem ,

they have reash that far cause they found no one to teach them civil Science ,

the western world was just so Ambitious to steal them instead .

dont think bad of them , think more of how to help them , to love them .

they are us . and we are them ..

مارس ١١, ٢٠٠٧  
Anonymous Abdul-Quddus said...

Sheikh Hilali has only one reason for residing in Australia, and that is for da'wah or the propagation of Islaam. I cannot believe I once adhered to this religion.

مارس ٢٠, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger Egypeter said...

I still check back fairly often hoping for new posts :) It's been a little while.

Hope you are well Bent and I miss this blog quite a bit.

مارس ٢٢, ٢٠٠٧  
Blogger 麻辣鴨血Maggie said...


مايو ٢٦, ٢٠١٠  

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