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An Attorney and his Sons Hire a Mob of Thugs to Destroy an Historical Church in Rasheed, Egypt

An attorney of law and his two sons who are public prosecutors, accompanied by a mob of about 50 thugs attacked an historical Roman Orthodox church in Rasheed, Egypt. The attack took place on the 19th September 2008 directly after the early morning Muslim prayers.

The attorney, Mohammed Moustafa Kamel and his sons Mohammed and Mahmoud and their mob destroyed the fences around the church and ransacked the church itself destroying invaluable icons and the remains of saints that were kept in the historic building. The church gatekeeper, Ashraf Fahmy Abdalla was injured in the attack, and many shops owned by Christians next to the church were broken into and looted
In spite of the church being in close proximity to the local police station, there was no attempt made by the police to stop the attacks.

Father Luca Assaad Awad from St Mark’s church in Rasheed, and who leads prayers in the attacked Roman Orthodox church also, says he doesn’t understand the reason for the barbaric actions taken by the attackers. Mr. Mohammed Moustafa Kamel claims that he bought the almost 1300 year old church and the shops next to it from the previous Roman Orthodox bishop. The current Patriarch denies any knowledge of this sale.

It is worth noting that there has been an agreement between the Coptic Orthodox church and the Roman Orthodox church that the Copts may use the Roman Orthodox churches for prayers. Hence Father Luca has been holding mass celebrations in the historic church.

Dr. Naguib Gobrail, president of the Egyptian Association for Human Rights condemned the attacks especially that the perpetrators are law professionals whose responsibility is to uphold the law and ensure justice for all citizens. He also condemned the lack of action on the part of the police who failed to prevent this barbaric attack on a place of worship. Dr. Gobrail wonders if the attack was on a Muslim place of worship, that we would have seen such inaction.



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Blogger Mohamed said...

أزال المؤلف هذا التعليق.

نوفمبر ١٧, ٢٠٠٨  
Blogger USpace said...

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Who are we to say that raping 9 year-olds is immoral? Who are we to say that stoning gays and rape victims to death is evil?

Who are we to say that killing hundreds of people every month in the name of Allah is the height of evil? That is just their culture and ideology and it MUST be respected. Morality is all relative, we must remember that.

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Anonymous غير معرف said...

Hey Bent -

This is EgyPeter, remember me? How do I get a hold of you?

يوليو ١٧, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger Amillennialist said...

I also would like to know how you are, Neferteeti.

I hope all is well,


أغسطس ٠٤, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger فرعون said...

سلام المسيح معكى اختى نفرتيتى ربنا يباركك ويبارك مدونتك ...مع انى ضعيف انجليزى لكن قدرت افهم عض الاشياء .. الرب معكى

أغسطس ٢١, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

أزال المؤلف هذا التعليق.

أغسطس ٢٤, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger Bent El Neel said...

hi everyone

Thank you for your comments :)
I have missed the blog and missed all my blog mate of course.

EgyPete and Amillennialist
I've been a little bit busy....we had another baby daughter almost 10 months ago now and she has made sure I'm ALWAYS busy, LOL

pray for me :)

الأخ المبارك فرعون
اشكرك على تعليقك الجميل و اتمنى ان كل جهد يتم بذله من اجل حقوق المظلومين يكون فعال و مبارك :)

ربنا معاك و اشكر مرورك

أغسطس ٢٤, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger Servant of Christ said...

Hello Bent El Neel ...

That's my first comment on your nice blog..

I'm really proud of your way of thinking ..

God Bless You :)

أغسطس ٣١, ٢٠٠٩  
Blogger احساس لسه حى said...

انا جيت اوضحلك السؤال بتاع شنوده وبولس اللى سالته لخادم المسيح ميت مره ومردش

بس اشرحلك شئ قبل السؤال كان الكلام عن لبس النساء فى المسيحية والااسلام

انتى عارفه ان الحجاب هو اللبس الاسلامى للمراه اللى مفهوش اختلاف

يعنى غيره سواء نقاب او مش حجاب اراء ممكن قليلين يؤمنوا بيها بس عندنا الحجاب مفهوش خلاف تقريبا وعليه اجماع

وده من اول الاسلام لحد الف سنه قادمة

لان عندنا اساسيات لا تتغير فى ديننا مهما تغير الزمان لان الدين واحد

كان سؤالى للاستاذ خادم الممسيح

اللبس اللى بتلبسه المسيحيات دلوقتى امام القسيسين والبابوات لبس يقبله الدين المسيحى ولا يرفضه

يعنى اللى بتخش على البابا شتوده بليس عارى نوعا ما وهو لا يعترض على هذا اللبس لانه مش مخالف للمسيحية

لو دخلت على بولس بيه كان هيقول عليها ايه

ينفع اللى بتخش على شنوده بلبس دلوقتى ان تخش على بولس بنفس اللبس

اكيد لو دخلت على بولس كان هيقول حرام وغلط والله اعلم كان الموضوع يوصل لايه

اما ما تغير الزمان فما لا يقبله بولس يقبله شنوده

ويمكن يتطور الزمان بدل الشئ ده غير محكوم بدين ومحكوم بتغير الزمن ان يوم يخشوا على القسيس بالبكينى فى هاواى لان ده لبس هذا الزمن

المهم علشان متهيش وتردى بكلام كتير وتنسى الاجابه على سؤالى

هى ما يقبله شنوده من المسيحيات فى اللبس كان يقبله بولس الرسول ولا كان هيعترض عليه

مستنى اجابه واحده يا كان هيقبله او يرفضه وبعد كده استنى ردى ونتحاور لو حبيتى

الاجابة اللى لم يرد عليها خادم المسيح رغم تكرارى للسؤال

سبتمبر ٠٤, ٢٠٠٩  

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