الاثنين، يناير ٠٢، ٢٠٠٦

You're kidding...right?

That's what I said to my husband this morning as I was giving my daughter her breakfast. I missed what the news reader said...I just caught "Bondi...flag ban..." you see and I asked him "what was that about?" He said "The Aussie flag can't be erected at Bondi because it might incite violence"
"You're kidding...right?"

What is happening to this country?? How in God's name is it "the right thing to do" to ban the symbol of this nation? If any group of people is offended to see our flag...DON'T STAY HERE. It's easy. You have the right...the RIGHT TO LEAVE.

If we as a society keep shedding our identity bit by bit, just to appease a group of people then it will be over. It'll be over for democracy and free speech. It'll be over for freedom of expression. It'll be over for all the things that make this a great place...possibly the best place to be in the world.

My family came here to find a life where their children could grow up free and safe. Now I worry about raising my own daughter in an atmosphere where we're told Christmas is offensive, serving ham in hospitals is offensive, and now our own flag is offensive.

Shame on you Waverly council...SHAME!