الثلاثاء، نوفمبر ٢٩، ٢٠٠٥

Think Outside the Frame

The recent events in Alexandria, His Holiness Pope Shenouda weeping during a lecture, the shambles they call "elections" in Egypt, the second international Coptic Conference in Washington...its been a crazy couple of month for Egypt. And that's just a couple of months. Naturally all these events force you to think. I love this country and am immensely proud to belong to her. That's why I've been thinking about all this madness.

It is natural when you live in Egypt to be constantly aware of your religion. That's how people are defined over there (and indeed in many Muslim countries). Even if you're not really a religious person...doesn't matter. Your religion is printed on your official ID card for all to see.

That's something we all get used to until we get out of Egypt. Until we understand that your race, religion, gender, or disability DON'T define you as a person. Well at least for me, this realisation came when i left Egypt...I left Egypt when I was only 15 you see.

In my humble opinion, this is where the trouble is with Arab/Muslim nations. People there still call Western countries "Christian" countries. Completely unaware of the fact that the Western countries they refer to (USA, Britain, France, Italy, Australia...) have SECULAR governments. Real secular governments though. Not governments that say we are a secular democratic country...but we'll base our laws and constitution on the Islamic Sharia!!!!

What's the problem with this?? It labels all non Muslims as "Dimmi" who at best, shouldn't be trusted or involved in important positions in society...at worst, infidels that have no rights and must be converted or killed.

that's why we must start to look at each other as just people. People who deserve respect and freedom regardless of their faith.